Paul Ryan

Vice Presidential Debate Analysis

The first and final Vice Presidential debate has just wrapped up and both candidates lived up to expectations.  They touched base on a number of issues ranging from government spending to Iran, and neither of the candidates held any punches.

The first topic that was brought upon the candidates tonight was the issue of the September 11 attack on the United States consulate in Libya.  Ryan of course was quick to politicize the attack by trying to put the blame on the administration for no added security on the consulate despite requests for added security.  The fact of the matter is that not all the exact details of the attack are out, regardless of what the media tells you.  The intelligence community is still continuing to gather information on the attack and it is not exactly known who in the State Department made the call not to send additional security forces to Benghazi.

The candidates were also asked about their tax plans and who would benefit the most under their plans.  Ryan was on stage defending Romney’s tax proposal of a 20% across the board cut on taxes.  They claim the tax cut will be paid for by closing tax loopholes mainly for wealthy contributors but have refused to give specifics.  The election is roughly one month away, maybe it’s just me, but I would love to know what loopholes are getting cut to pay for this tax cut.  The Bush tax cuts are a huge reason why the Federal Debt is at $16 trillion and if they can’t specify which loopholes will be closed to pay for this than why even put forth a tax plan.  This I found completely outrageous, this is a government run by the people for the people, and if voters want a specific tax policy before the election than that is what we should receive.  Are they still working on the plan?  I doubt this, they are almost certainly withholding the tax plan for political gain.   Biden of course has had the luxury of using the last four years as a platform to showcase the Obama tax plan which most Americans are familiar with.  I would love for the Romney-Ryan ticket to release their exact tax plan so the two can be compared.

The two also exchanged words over how to deal with Iran and its nuclear ambitions.  Ryan went on the attack immediately accusing the Obama administration of being too soft on the Iranian government.  He claimed that they hesitated on sanctions with Iran and to some degree he is right.  Congress should not have been the driving force behind sanctioning Iran’s central bank, the President should have done this much sooner.  The sanctions are working and there is no disputing that, the Iranian rial has suffered greatly and inflation has skyrocketed in the past few months.  Obama certainly hesitated on full-blown sanctions on Iran, but at the same time he also got the support of the international community, even Iran’s close allies.  The administration took time, valuable time, to gather international support for these sanctions and there is no guarantee that these sanctions will work.

Overall, both Biden and Ryan had excellent debate performances.  They were both intensely prepared and aware of the numbers, often times fact checking each others statements.  This debate certainly will not make or break this election for either candidate and for a good reason, they are the Vice Presidential candidates.