Review of “Granddad’s Dictionary: Reflections on life in America” by Michael Moffitt

During a time of such gr51hUJ7qX4HLeat political divide in the United States, it’s nice to sometimes step back and reflect on the great qualities that this country still has. Focusing on what makes the U.S. great does not have to be overly partisan and Michael Moffitt’s “Granddad’s Dictionary: Reflections on life in America,” finds a way to do that.

The book is a broad collection of terms that tie into the American experience.  Moffitt uses a well-balanced method of observations, personal experience, and research to help the reader relate to the each term.

One notable passage in the book is titled “Charity.”  In this, Moffitt criticizes the governments sizeable tax deduction of charitable giving by pointing out that it only benefits the wealthiest individuals that are able to give generously, while lower and middle class Americans are burdened with making up for this deduction.  He emphasizes that charity “has to be person to person to work,” and not through what he calls “charity by government.”

In the passage “Marriage,” Moffitt stresses its great importance to society and points out its alarming rate of decline over the past century. He claims that it is because people increasingly have “less commitment to each other and less understanding of the power of marriage.”  Which really brings the reader to ask themselves if society would be better if this trend were reversed?  Surely most would agree.

Although there are some opinions throughout the book, its true beauty is how Moffitt finds a way to allow the reader to question themselves and the environment around them.  Through the entire reading of “Granddad’s Dictionary,” you find yourself engaged constantly in thought.  As the reader raises constant questions, it only makes for a great reading experience and also one that you are not likely to forget.

I encourage you to buy the book and it can be purchased on Amazon simply by clicking the link below.

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