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Why Does Serving Chicken Have to be Political?

As we all have heard President and COO of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy has openly admitted his opposition to homosexuality.  In an interview with The Biblical Recorder Cathy was quoted as saying “We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit.”  That’s okay to have that as your opinion on whether homosexuality is right or not, we all do.  But what Dan Cathy did not only harmed his reputation but his company’s investors as well.

The company has over 1,600 locations nationwide and I’m sure their franchisees aren’t happy about Cathy’s remarks.  Many people are calling for a boycott of the chicken franchise and that hurts not only the corporation but every small business owner invested in Chick-fil-A.  Does Dan Cathy not figure that gays patronize his business?  Any business owner in the right state of mind would understand the concept of not insulting their customers.  Its common sense right?  But apparently that isn’t the case here, what Cathy did was put his personal beliefs before the fiscal health of the company and its investors.

Not only should the LGBT community be calling for his resignation but also franchisees of Chick-fil-A.  And besides who listens to moral guidance from a COO anyway?  Chick-fil-A needs to fire Cathy and focus on what it should be focusing on and that is making a good customer experience for all people, not just heterosexual Christians.



The Republican Party’s Real Problem

As GOP leaders focus all of their attention on defeating President Obama and the Democrats in the November elections the real problem lies years ahead.  When was the last time you talked to a African-American or Hispanic Republican?  I’m sure you have to think pretty hard to recall one, if you can.  The support for the Republican party is overwhelmingly white and this will pose a huge problem for the party in the years to come.

Sometime around the year 2050 the minority population in the United States will surpass the white population, which is the overwhelming majority of registered Republicans.  In the 2004 presidential election President Bush got 11% of the black vote and in the 2008 race Senator McCain only received 5%.  Blacks are not the only minority to swing left, Hispanics are mostly left leaning.  The gap is huge, 65% of Hispanic and 86% of African-American voters are registered Democrats.

On top of not appealing to the minorities of the country, the GOP also doesn’t appeal to the younger generation like the Democrats do.  In 2008 the largest percentage of support the GOP received was from the 60 and older demographic, meanwhile the lowest support came from the 18-29 age group.  There are many examples showing that the Republican base is dwindling simply because most of its supporters are dying.  These are two demographics that can really hurt the GOP in the long-run if they do not change the direction the party is going in.

White America is a thing of the past and it is something that Republican leaders must adapt to if they want to save the future of their party.  They must find ways to appeal not only the white population but minorities as well.  They should do so by changing their stances on affirmative action, adopting a more lenient immigration stance, and by nominating more minorities to public office.  This is not something that is impossible to accomplish, it can be done, but with the right leaders and a vision that goes beyond appealing to just white America.